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November 4, 2015, Queens, NY  This isn’t the first “modern day” Battle for Brooklyn, at least not at Barclays Center. Brooklyn’s own Zab Judah fought Brooklyn’s own Paulie Malignaggi on December 7, 2013. Almost two years later, there is another Battle for Brooklyn at Barclays Center with the combatants being Brooklyn’s own Danny “The Miracle Man” Jacobs and Brooklyn’s own Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin on Saturday, December 5th.

Jacobs is putting his WBA middleweight title on the line against former middleweight champion, Quillin. This fight was a long time in the making, and many thought it would never happen–in part because both fighters had the same managerial as well as promotional affiliation, and both fighters genuinely like each other.

Jacobs comes in with an impressive record, 30-1 (27 KOs), and Quillin boasts an equally strong record, 32-0-1 (23 KOs). The fight is indicative of boxing’s new business model which has the best fighters fighting the best fighters regardless of network turf wars or boxers having the same promoter/manager. The UFC has risen in popularity because of its matchmaking. If fans want to see two fighters go at it, UFC czar, Dana White, makes it happen. There is no political wrangling. Boxing is going back to its old ways by having consumer demand determine who will fight whom.

According to PureSportsNY boxing expert and Senior Boxing Writer Greg Jacobs, Quillin has the edge because he has fought better competition. “I know it’s going to be a very competitive fight, but if I have to go with one fighter over the other, the edge goes to Quillin because of the quality of opponents he’s fought.”

While both fighters have strong fan bases in the Borough of Kings, Jacobs is better known nationally and is the sentimental favorite due to his overcoming a life-threatening battle with cancer. Jacobs and Quillin are both likeable fighters who represent the sport well and always come to the fight in excellent physical condition.

Don’t be surprised if the combatants of the first Battle for Brooklyn are there. Malignaggi will certainly be there since he is part of Showtime’s (who will be airing the fight) boxing broadcast team. Judah, who resides in Las Vegas but whose heart is still in Brooklyn, will likely be there as well.

There can only be won true Brooklyn Champion. After December 5th, we’ll know who it will be–either the Magic Man or Kid Chocolate.

Professor Clifford Benton can be reached at @cliffordbenton.

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