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Are you ready for some football? With one game in the books the NFL is officially ready to kickoff week 1 of the 2015 NFL Season. Fans have been waiting for this weekend, ready to cheer for their favorite teams and players.

In the first game of the season on Thursday the defending champion New England Patriots were victorious over the Pittsburg Steelers 28-21 as they look to repeat as champions.

The NFL has also been awaiting the beginning of the season, after some interesting stories at the end of last season and during the off-season the NFL would love for the season to begin so that the games will be the topic of discussion.

This season’s training camps have interesting to say the least. There have been some scuffles and jaw breakers. Fights and disagreements at training camp are nothing new however after NY Jets quarterback Geno Smith had his jaw broken after an altercation in the locker room there has been a rise in concern of the frequency of some of these minor incidents. The NFL will most certainly look for ways to prevent these situations from occurring in the future.

Lets not focus on the negative, its time for football, tailgate parties, Sunday BBQ’s, office bets and fantasy owners. Its time for the big hits, amazing catches, rivalries and lets not forget Monday Night Football.

The Patriots want to defend their title. Can Cam Newton build on last year’s performance? The RG3 situation has taken a turn for the worst, how can Washington survive a season with that much controversy? Can Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson lead the Lions? The Seahawks look to recover from a disappointing end to their season. It’s Johnny Manziel’s sophomore season; can he live up to the hype? Teddy Bridgewater showed flashes last season as a starter let’s see what he can do in his sophomore season as well. Peyton Manning is back for another season. Andrew Luck and the Colts also look to build on last year’s success. The Packers and Bears renew their rivalry. The NFL is back, the fans are ready, its time for football.

Locally the NY Giants and Eli Manning look to bounce back from a sub-par season and the NY Jets also intend to erase the memory of last season. The Giants open the season against the rival Dallas Cowboys while the Jets face off against the Cleveland Browns.

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