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Subway Series Round II

NY Mets:  This past weekend, The New York Mets (39-34) faced the New York Yankees (43-28) in their second series of the season. The Mets, who find themselves 4 games behind in the NL East, desperately needed to redeem themselves from their horrible outing in the previous Subway Series.

Game one of the series saw Jonathon Niese ( 5-3 ) of the Mets vs. Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte (3-3). Pettitte didn’t start well as the Mets drove in 5 runs in the first inning, two off a single by Justin Tuner and a homer that drove in 3 runs by Ike Davis. The Yankees did not score until the 6th inning, where A-Rod drove in a blasting 429-foot home run. The Yankees managed to capture two more runs in the 8th.  It wasn’t enough as they lost to the Mets 6-4, with Jonathon Niese getting the win and Frank Francisco recording his 18th save.

Game Two of the series saw Yankees pitcher Ivan Nova (9-2) face off against Mets pitcher Chris Young (1-1). The Mets CF Kirk Nieuwenhuis homered in the 3rd, putting the first runs on the board. By the end of the 6th, the Mets saw themselves 3-0 and a potential chance to be up in the series 2-0.  Yet The Mets season-long inability to finish games reappeared.  Two home runs in the 7th by Raul Ibanez and Eric Chavez gave the Yankees a 4-0, a lead they would keep to win the game. Clay Rapada received the win and Rafael Soriano was awarded his 14th save.

The last game of the series was to be one of the more interesting games played between the teams all season.  Yankees ace CC Sabathia(9-3) faced off against Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey (11-1).  Dickey has come off several one-hit games this season for the Mets, but was unsuccessful in repeating.  Nick Swisher homered in the 3rd to give the Yankees a 4-0 lead after a Mark Texiera sacrifice fly that drove in a run earlier in the inning. The Mets however began to rally back to tie the game in the 6th thanks to Andres Torres and Ruben Tejada both driving in runs.  Cano, in the top of the 8th homered to give the Yanks the lead and the eventual win. Boone Logan was awarded the win and Rafael Soriano his 15th save.

Romel Lherisson Jr: PureSportsNY

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