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NY Knicks: The Knicks are back at the Garden – winners of the last three games – to host the Atlantic leading Philadelphia Seventy Sixers. Things are finally starting to click for Mike D’Antoni’s team.  The offense flowede with the insertion of rookie standout Iman Shumpert.  The Sixers – winners of six in row – will not be an easy task for the Knicks.  Things were going well for the Knicks at the start – rookie Josh Harrison had it going  from three to night.  Melo kept finding rookie out of the double team and he didn’t let the Knicks down, scoring 13 points on the night. It was all Carmelo in the 3rd quarter, scoring 12 points.

Amar’e Stoudemire was steady as usual with 20 points on the night. Early in the fourth the Knicks would push the lead out to 17.  But Sixers under the tutelage of Doug Collins would strap their way back into the game, cutting the lead to four with 3:40 remaining in the 4th quarter. For some reason the Knicks offense became one-dimensional with Melo holding the ball and going one-on-one.  You have to give kudos to the Knicks defense for not allowing the Sixers to take the lead.  Melo would finish with 27 points on the night, Knicks would go on to win 85 to 79 at the final.

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