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November 11, 2015, New York City  In a nearly 11 minute YouTube video, super lightweight champion, Adrien Broner, addresses the recent criticism from his mentor, Floyd Mayweather. “You told me we are in boxing to get the biggest reward for less punishment,” Broner says. “So for you to downplay one of my accomplishments, that’s fucked up when ain’t no TMT fighter got four world championships and four weight classes. Only you.”

The tension is said to have started when Broner said he loves “his brother, Mayweather, but f*** The Money Team (TMT).” Mayweather isn’t sure where his protégé’s animosity came from, but he finds it to be disloyal, according to his interview with Ben Thompson.

Also in the clip, Broner assures that he doesn’t have any problems with the LGBT community, contrary to Mayweather recalling the younger fighter’s “Bruce Jenner” joke from a match last month about fellow TMT boxer, Ashley Theophane.

“I want to see any boxer out of TMT be successful and become a world champion one day if not already a world champion,” Broner concludes. “Not only because there’s a lot of African Americans on his team, but I want anyone who came from the hood or without a silver spoon to make it. But there’s a lot of hate coming from your way and I’m real mad that you made me stoop down to this level…At the end of the day, all I wanted from you is to teach me how to do what you did, or even surpass what you did.”

To see what Broner said in full, check out the video below.

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