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Derrelle Revis is officially a Tampa Bay Buccaneer

NY Jets: The drama surrounding the fate of Darrelle Revis’ future has finally come to a conclusion.  It is official that Revis will take his talents to Florida and play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  It’s a new six-year, $96 million deal with absolutely nothing guaranteed. 

 If Revis isn’t the same player after his ACL tear, the Buccaneers can cut him at any point without owing him another dime.  The upside there is that he gets to save on state income taxes by being in FL.  On the flip-side, at least the Jets still have their other star cornerback Antonio Cromartie.

According to reports, Revis felt that the Jets lied to him.  “I feel like I haven’t gotten the truth (from the Jets),” Revis told Newsday, the New York Daily News and the New York Post on Monday. “Anybody who tells you, ‘You’re going to be a Jet,’ but what’s the truth? … Definitely I feel like I haven’t gotten the truth.” 

 When watching the drama unfold in NY, it seemed like Rex Ryan wanted to keep Revis as a Jet.  Yet, we conclude that the Jets owner Woody Johnson played a big role in not keeping Revis.  According to, Revis said that Woddy Johnson didn’t want to talk to him.

So in a nutshell the arguably best defensive player in the league and perhaps the second best player in Jets history is gone.  According to ESPN, in the 79 games that Revis played since coming to the Jets in 2007, he broke up or intercepted 97 passes which is one shy of the NFL record. 

 If he is still the same player or better since the recent ACL surgery, then the Jets will surely miss him, and may end up slapping their foreheads. 

Ben Anokute: PureSportsNY

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