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Julis Randle “We Got Dog Man”

New York Knicks may have found the next power forward for the future. Julius Randle, a 24-year-old bruising power forward out of the University of Kentucky, was a Plan B option for team president Steve Mills, who felt compelled, near the opening of free agency, to issue a half-apology statement that was meant to reinforce his confidence in his molasses-moving rebuild.

But Randle is also a legit prospect, perhaps a future All-Star, who knows the right words to excite Knicks fans.

“We got dogs, man,” Randle said. “We got dudes who don’t back down, who have killer mentalities. And that’s what we need. Get back to the old school, Patrick Ewing, Charles Oakley, all those guys — toughness, the fight, bring it every night. So we’re excited about that. And that’s the identity of our team. We’re not backing down from nobody.”

Could this be the begining of what ounce was, the days or Charles Oakley and Anthoy Mason. Let’s see what the 2019-20 season has to offer knicks fans

Vernon McKenzie: PureSportsNY

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