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September 25th 2017

Brooklyn NY

Brooklyn Nets Media Day.


Lights, camera and action. Its media day, an exciting day around the league as teams unveil their new look, new players and new outlook for the upcoming season. For the Brooklyn Nets it was no different.


The atmosphere was festive because it’s a day where the players get to have fun while welcoming in the new season and preparing for training camp. It was all smiles for the Nets today. The comradery was on full display, teammates were playfully chastising each other, players occasionally interrupted interviews and everyone took an opportunity to point out that Rondae was wearing red sneakers. High fives were plentiful and the mood was joyful as anticipation for the new season was clearly on everyone’s mind.

Caris and Rondae
Caris and Rondae

This year the team comes in with a refreshed roster as they look toward a bright and younger future. There were a number of new faces at the HSS facility. An early trade during the offseason saw the Nets part ways with long time big man Brook Lopez. In return the Nets got a dynamic young talent in D’Angelo Russell from the Los Angeles Lakers. Russell has embraced the city and seems to fit in quite well with its diverse culture. Timofey Mozgov was also acquired in the trade with the Lakers. Mozgov’s size and versatility was on full display during the FIBA tournament this summer. The Nets would love to see those skills displayed during the regular season.


Allen Crabbe (acquired from Portland) could fit in well with the Nets up-tempo offense as he can hit the 3 and play multiple positions in Kenny Atkinson’s schemes. The league has become position less and at 6’6” Crabbe fits into that category. He can also be a great energy player for the team.  DeMarre Carroll didn’t have the type of season he wanted to have with the Raptors. He was playing through injuries that impacted his effectiveness on the defensive end, an area where he best known. He looks to bring some veteran leadership to the squad while adding some grit to the defense end.

DeMarre Carroll
DeMarre Carroll

The Nets drafted Jarrett Allen from Texas, a slim big man that can be versatile on both ends of the floor. He knows he has to come in and earn minutes but he understands his role. He wants to run the floor using his quickness and he wants to be active on the defensive end.


There were familiar faces of course, Caris LeVert, Isaiah Whitehead, Jeremy Lin, Quincy Acy, Joe Harris, Trevor Booker, Spencer Dinwiddie, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and Sean Kilpatrick were all at media day and enjoying the spirit of the event. Rondae had an eye opening offseason as he took part in the NBA Africa game. He spoke about how being in Africa opened his eyes to some of the things that we take for granted.


“There were kids walking miles with no shoes.” – Rondae Hollis-Jefferson


Sean Kilpatrick understands how working hard and dedicating yourself to your craft can lead to success. He knows about 10-day contracts and playing every game like its his last. This summer he got a text from Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors inviting him to workout. For Sean this was a testament to everything he has worked for to this point in his career.


“To really have someone like that text my phone… to come workout with him is a huge accomplishment.” – Sean Kilpatrick

It’s year 2 for LeVert and Whitehead, when asked about what they can teach to the players who are in their first season they echoed each others sentiments, “Be ready.” The Nets left media day today and headed to their training camp in Indianapolis. They will will be ready for the 2017-2018 season.


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