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NY Giants

NY Giants:  The Giants roster is without several key players.  One notable loss is cornerback Aaron Ross. Ross, who is married to gold medalist Sonya Richards-Ross, is now signed to a three-year 15-million-dollar deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars.
The Jaguars are also noticeably missing a key player: running back Maurice Jones-Drew has not reported to off-season workouts or training camp.

The Giants have been flying under the radar in the New York sports scene since the Jets acquired Tim Tebow.  Eli Manning stated “I like that the media is focusing on the Jets.  Not having to deal with media gives us more time to focus on our team.”  The Giants are all business all the time.
In the first game of the pre-season the Giants will face off against the Jaguars at Everbank Field on August 10th.
Vernon McKenzie: PureSportsNY

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