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December 15, 2015, Queens, NY ¬†Week 14 was nothing short of exciting as six of our eight experts picked at least 10 games correctly in the topsy turvy NFL. Boston’s Own John Payant (J-Pay) and Bad Barry Holmes took the top slot going 11-5. That was enough to beat four of our experts by a mere one game, Vincent Davis, Jerald Hoover, D-Day, and Mike Anthony Dennis who all posted an impressive 10-6 record.

Fox Sports sports journalist extraordinaire Mike Hill was .500 (8-8), and hip-hop icon Kool Moe Dee was 7-9. Payant has been the most dominant player this season with many of our experts nipping at his heels. Week 14 saw the emergence of D-Day. Vincent Davis is always in the hunt and on the verge of capturing the top spot. Bad Barry Holmes has tied for first on three occasions which is impressive since he started on Week 9. He has tied for first 50% of the time. Hoover tasted the top spot a few weeks ago and remains a serious threat to win every week. Mike Anthony Dennis is consistently strong.

Mike Hill will no doubt rebound and expect big things from Moe Dee this upcoming week which will be feast of famine for our experts. Their picks will be posted on Thursday.

Professor Clifford Benton can be reached at @cliffordbenton.

By Vernon McKenzie

Graduate of New Institute Of Technology with a BA in Communications with a focus on Television Radio. Owner and Executive Producer of PureSportsNY

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