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Road Warriors

NY ‘: Is this just an admiration, or is this the beginning of what all Knick’s fan were hoping for.  The Knick’s win two games on the road back to back. Although the opponents were sub-par to say the lease. The first win came in Washington DC, and against the win-less Wizards. It was a slow start by the Knick’s falling behind by 16 points early in the 2nd quarter. Then things began to change as (Melo) began to heat up. The Knicks would go on 14 to 2 run, trailing only by one point at the half. In the second half more of the same as the Knick’s picked up the defense,over powering the young Wizards. It was a bad night for one of the guys in the league, Toney Douglas was benched  for poor play. Mike Bibby took advantage of the opportunity, coming off the bench knocking down three pointers to keep the Knicks in the lead down the stretch. A must needed win for the Knick’s 99 to 96 the final..

Then it was off to Detroit to take on the Pistons, and local standout Ben Gordon. It was no doubt about this one from the beginning the Knick’s came out focused. Jumping all over the lifeless Pistons, Iman Shumpert started his first game as a Knick. The rookie showed he was ready for the task at hand, as they put this one away early with a 24 to 2 run in the second quarter. It was more of the same in the second half, Amar’e Stoudimer and rookie standout Iman Shumpert dominated the Pistons. “Blowout city” as they call it 103 to 80 the final..

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