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September 6, 2015,  Saturday, September 5th, marked the start of college football. Rutgers University was able to overcome a distraction at the start of the season as they had to deal with losing five players, (Andre Boggs, Ruhann Peele, Nadir Barnwell, Rahzonn Gross, and Delon Stephenson) who were dismissed from the University for alleged robberies. Former players Tejay Johnson and Daryl Stephenson (Delon Stephenson’s brother) were also charged. According to, authorities said, “Johnson and Boggs were involved in three armed robbery attempts between April 26th and May 5th. The other players along with Johnson were accused of attacking a group of students and breaking a 19-year old’s jaw.” Boggs is one of the team’s starting cornerbacks, while Delon Stephenson lines up at free safety.

Rutgers head coach, Kyle Flood, could face a suspension or firing because of his knowledge of the situation. According to Football, The University General Counsel is investigating the severity of the alleged violation. Prior to the arrest, Nadir Barnwell was in danger of being academically ineligible. The University General Counsel is focused on an alleged email Flood sent from a personal account to a faculty member regarding Nadir Barnwell. Any contact with a professor of a student athlete must be made by the relevant academic support member.
While there are many distractions, Kyle Flood is still the head coach for now, and had a game against Norfolk State. The Scarlet Knights and Flood were able to put the distractions behind them while they were on the field. They won their season opener winning by a final score of 63-13.

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