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The Nets are having a productive preseason

October 10th 2017

Brooklyn NY

The Brooklyn Nets are having a good preseason.

With a 117-83 win over the rival New York Knicks on Sunday the Brooklyn Nets improved their preseason record to 3-0. We know it’s just the preseason but the Nets look to build on this momentum heading into the regular season.


What has been working?

The offense has been clicking in every game thus far. As I said earlier this week, the pace that they are playing with utilizes their talent. The Nets are young and they are able to run the floor and get up some shots from behind the arc. In the game against the Knicks Allen Crabbe made his debut for the Nets, in the first quarter alone he had 11-points and went 3-4 from behind the arc.

Crabbe was a player that the Nets have looked at before but were finally able to land him this off-season. He will play a key role in the depth for the team.


“We can get something from anybody on any given night”- Allen Crabbe


The depth has been eye opening during the preseason. So many players have made contributions on both ends of the floor. Kenny Atkinson is excited about the talent he has on the floor. The players also feel confident about the depth of the squad.


The defense has been efficient as well during the preseason. For the second consecutive game they held their opponent to under 90-points. They are rotating defensively and they are playing individual defense with pride.


“Everybody’s trying to take pride into it”- D’Angleo Russell




Caris LeVert looked good coming off his ankle injury, he had 12-points on 5-8 shooting. This was his preseason debut as well. Caris’ development has been key to the success of the Nets as well. He has clearly gotten stronger during the offseason and looked very confident and poised on the floor.

“We are seeing the benefits of the work we put in.” _ Caris LeVert

There is a different feel about this team heading into the season. The preseason has shown how the Nets offseason moves have given life to the organization. There is a lot of excitement in Brooklyn for the 2017-2018 season.



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Sherman Gomez is a Staff Writer for PureSportsNY

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