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WHY MAYWEATHER WILL WIN (The Hunger Games Part One)

April 27, 2014, Queens, NY  Hunger.  He’s got it in spades.  No athlete compares to him.  Not when it comes to being Hungry.  Floyd “Hungry” Mayweather will win.  He will beat Manny Pacquiao on May 2.  He doesn’t win because he likes “MONEY”; he wins because he’s “HUNGRY.”  It’s the Hunger Games–but this time it’s for real.  It’s not a movie.  There is no script.

Mayweather has had a hell of a hectic life.  And in the sport of boxing where being motivated and wanting it matters, nobody has more fuel in the tank than Floyd.  He will beat and defeat Pacquiao because he’s Hungrier.  He doen’t have a nation behind him.  He never lived in the squalor that Pacquiao has had to endure.  (See article, “Why Pacquiao Will Win: Boy From the ‘Hood.”)

How Hungry is Mayweather?  You want proof of his Hunger?  Name an athlete, name one athlete who has achieved Mayweather’s pinnacle and has carried his passion for preparation.  Name one.  I dare you.  As Samuel L. Jackson said, “I double dare you.”  You want further proof, especially as it pertains to Pacquiao’s hunger versus Mayweather’s?  Pacquiao has come in to fights not always fully prepared, not always fully motivated.  Has Mayweather ever entered the ring in anything less than phenomenal shape?  Hunger isn’t based on your ‘hood.  Hunger, real Hunger is not based on your circumstance because your circumstance can change.  Hunger is based on what’s in your head, and what’s in your heart.

Mayweather has money, plenty of money, but he also has plenty of smarts (in some respects).  Smarts in the area of people.  He knows most of the people in his so-called inner circle smile, yes him, always agree with him, laugh at his corny jokes, and get a salary that is shamefully overvalued.  He knows.  Mayweather knows.  He knows far to well.

Incarceration opened up his eyes.  Incarceration forced Mayweather to see himself, see others, see the system, see Las Vegas, and see the world for what it is.  Mayweather is no victim.  He doesn’t warrant pity.  He has “hand” problems when it comes to women.  But his money is his misery.  The more he makes, the more miserable he becomes.  The more he makes, the more expansive and expensive the charade becomes.  He is financially rich, but emotionally poor.  Spiritually poor.  His life is empty, lonely, unfulfilling.  Look at his spending.  Look at his flossing.  Look at his (false) bravado.  Throwing your money.  Showing your money.  $125,000 mouthpiece stuffed with $100 bill.  First rule: Never let anybody know, about your dough.

Mayweather will use this, his pain.  He knows he’s the rich boy (or man) that nobody really likes.  He knows people don’t like him.  That’s why it’s easy for him to play the villain.  Even some of his most ardent supporters would like to see him lose–just once.  He saw how people became joyful when his supposed clone, Adrien Broner, lost to Marcos Maidana.  Mayweather uses all of this as motivation.  It’s his driver. He refuses to lose.  Unless the opponent has five arms, eight legs, and eyes around the temples and the back of the head, Mayweather will not lose.

On May 2, Mayweather will beat the “Boy From the ‘Hood.”  It might be via knockout.  It might be via tko.  Or, it might be via decision (unanimous, split, or majority).  Mayweather will win because he’s Hungrier.  And he will lose when his Hunger dissipates.  Think, Year Never.  That’s because his Hunger is symbolic, not circumstantial.  His Hunger is not in the pit of his stomach.  His Hunger is in his head, and his Hunger is in his heart.  The real Hunger Games.

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