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Brooklyn Nets 2013 1st Round Draft Pick Will Be…

Rumors have it that the Brooklyn Nets might be searching for reinforcement in the paint. Some teams function with two big men in the paint and others don’t, but the Nets could use a big man to back up Brook Lopez and they might have their eyes set on a product out of Kansas: Jeff Withey.

Withey is more of a defensive presence as he averaged close to four blocks per game as a Jayhawk. His blocks per game were third in Men’s Division I Basketball. Along with the blocks, Withey averaged 13.7 points and close to nine rebounds per game in his final season in college. Withey’s agent, Darren Matsubara,  realized how interested the Nets were, but he has pointed out plenty of holes in his client’s game.

Brooklyn could use a scorer off the bench. They have Lopez, who has always been an offensive weapon as well as Deron Williams who is a Top 10 point guard in the NBA. Withey’s offense has to develop, though, using his strength, he could make a living off the glass loose balls and putbacks, sort of like Chris Andersen with the Miami Heat. Eventually, however, Matsubara sees Withey having to take  his game to another level in order to remain in the NBA. At 7 feet, 235 pounds, Withey could develop into an offensive weapon as his career goes on.

For the Nets, his presence is useful because they missed a body to consistently grab boards as Reggie Evans was pushed to the starting lineup and Kris Humphries lost his role with the team. Andre Blatche did a great job off the bench, but the Nets would have to resign him if they want his services once again. Having a guy like Withey would continue the Nets focus on defense off their bench, helping the future NBA rookie to ease his way into a roll in a professional basketball team.

While the Nets have the 22nd pick in the draft, another team looking at Withey are the New York Knicks (24th pick) and they have expressed interest in building up their size and their frontcourt during the offseason.

The 2013 NBA Draft will take place on June 27.

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