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Did the New York Giants Mortgage Too Much of Their Future in Daniel Jones

Prior to the start of this offseason, the New York Giants were faced with an extremely difficult
decision to make. The decision was based on who the Giants would be financing their future
either on fifth-year quarterback Daniel Jones or star running back Saquan Barkley. Some
suspected that the Giants may look to trade him possibly in the offseason for a high draft pick in
the 2023 NFL Draft.

That said, ultimately, the Giants resigned Jones to four years $160 million dollar deal and
franchised tag Barkley. Unfortunately, the Giants appear to have made the correct move as
history shows that RBs’ shelf life isn’t as long and valuable as they used to be. Not to mention,
Barkley’s injury history that the Giants are most likely taking into account

“I’ve always felt that responsibility,” Jones stated. “And playing this position, especially for a
team like the New York Giants and this city, you have that responsibility. And I take that very
seriously. It certainly doesn’t change.”

Last season, many believe the steps Jones made were the beginning of his rise to stardom. The
contract extension clearly displays that the Giants General Manager Joe Schoen and head coach
Brian Daboll believe in his abilities to lead this team.
“I certainly do feel that, and it’s my goal to earn that every day and in the offseason while we’re
preparing for the season and when we get to the season, doing my best and preparing this team to
win games and me to put us in a position to do that,” Jones continued

Last season, Jones threw for 3,205 passing yards, 15 touchdowns, and five interceptions. Despite
battling with a troubled offensive line, he still manage to lead the Giants to the Divisional round
of the playoffs with a quarterback rating of 92.5, per ESPN. Giant supporters are hoping Jones
can replicate or build upon his breakout season last year. However, some believe Jones was
overpaid and won’t live up to expectations the Giants need him to. Going forward, only time will
tell, however the organization and team appear to have embraced Jones and looks to move
forward with him as the leader of this team going forward.

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