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Giants Secondary Ready for Cardinals Receivers

Prince Amukamara and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie hope to improve on last week's performance and keep the Cardinals receivers in check on Sunday. Credit: BOBBY O'HARA/PureSportsNY

Prince Amukamara and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie hope to improve on last week’s performance and keep the Cardinals receivers in check on Sunday.
Credit: BOBBY O’HARA/PureSportsNY

Larry Fitzgerald is a league-wide name now and it hasn’t been long since his partner in crime, Michael Floyd, has received attention. The Giants certainly recognize his talent and have been preparing all week to get ready for Arizona’s passing game. Although Michael Floyd has been receiving all the accolades lately, Giants players and staff believe that the Cardinals will still be on high alert for Larry Fitzgerald’s whereabouts this week as well. Fitzgerald saw only four targets Monday night and hauled in only one catch in the team’s first game. Prince Amukamara relates that situation to the Giants with Victor Cruz.

“You can say the same thing about us. It didn’t look like we got Victor Cruz the ball a couple of times. I guess it is just what the defense is doing to that receiver. They threw the ball to him a couple of times. It is just other guys were just open. We always expect the best player to always be the target.”

Coach Tom Coughlin compared Larry Fitzgerald to a receiver that gave them trouble in week one, Calvin Johnson.

“They’re both outstanding players. Both have been very successful in their years in the league, both are forces. Each has his individual talent and skill set and it’s rare.”

I do expect Fitzgerald to have a increase in targets this week, but Michael Floyd is only getting better. He gives Arizona that second talent in the receiving game just like most teams now in the NFL’s age of the quarterback and receiver. Prince Amukamara shared more of his thoughts on covering the ever-evolving air attack in the NFL and teams like the Cardinals and Lions that they face last week.

“You have to play both guys modest and that is why every team in this league, you need at least two great corners. Each team has two great wide receivers and you can’t just be strong on one side, you have to be strong on both sides.”

Stevie Brown knows Michael Floyd very well and believes after playing against him and seeing his tape that he is a dangerous guy to watch.

“I played against him in college for two or three years. He had big play capability when he was at Notre Dame and he has carried it over to the league. I am someone who is familiar with him and everybody is, especially after you watch his game against San Diego. He played well.”

The Giants got the best test they could face in week one with Calvin Johnson, Golden Tate, and the rest of the Lions offense and didn’t fare very well. Although the Cardinals do possess two top end receiving talents, they should be a little easier for the Giants to handle than last week when it comes to their secondary. Hopefully they improved by playing against Detroit and will be better prepared for the test this week.

Bobby O’Hara: PureSportsNY

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