• Thu. Mar 30th, 2023

East Rutherford: The NY Giants lose again in embarrassing fashion. This team looks unmotivated, and clueless at times. Although the team has numerous players out due to injuries, they look really bad on offense and defense.

The one thing New York Giant fans didn’t want to see this season was another poor start. Well, after six weeks they still have just one win after falling to the Los Angeles Rams Sunday at MetLife Stadium 38-11.

Jones did not help himself late in the second quarter when he threw into coverage on a pass intended for Evan Engram. Rams safety Taylor Rapp dropped back and had the play completely blanketed, yet Jones misread the play and fired right to him for his second interception of the season. Will Daniel Jones find away to elevate his play? All unknowns at this point in the season..

What’s next for the giants, how can they salvage this season? Will Saqoun Barkley step up as the leader of this team? Will Daniel Jones find a way to become a better quarterback?

Vernon McKenzie:PureSportsNY

Vernon McKenzie

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