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The New York Giants fall to 0-2 after losing ‘The Manning Bowl’ to the Denver Broncos with a final score of 41-23. The Giants were in the game early in the third quarter, but after not being able to take advantage on red-zone opportunities, turnovers and rare Broncos’ offensive miscues, the Giants were blown out in the second half.

There is no doubt the Giants have a lot of work cut out for them for the rest of the season. After surrendering 77 points in their first 2 games (both loses), there is only room for improvement. They also have 10 giveaways through 2 games this year. After all, the Giants started 0-2 in 2007, and finished that season with a miracle David Tyree catch and a Super Bowl Championship. Living in the past can turn out to be a bad thing, especially after last year when the Giants thought they could just ‘turn it up’ the last 2 week of the season to make the playoffs; trying to replicate what they did in the 2011 Super Bowl Championship campaign.

The Giants made numerous mistakes that doomed them. Hakeem Nicks also dropped a crucial third-and-6 from the Giants 49-yard line. If Nicks catches that ball, the Giants drive would waste more time and maybe would have increased the Giants lead. Instead they had to punt, and to make matters worse; Nicks dislocated his finger on that play. The Giants were unable to convert on numerous redzone opportunities, which will always come back to bite a team. The Giants forced a Montee Ball fumble on Denver’s opening drive, and Eli connected with Victor Cruz on a 51-yard connection immediately following the fumble. Not being able to punch the ball into the endzone after causing a turnover, and a big play like that is demoralizing to a team. Ruben Randle also fumbled on Denver’s 1-yard line, but fortunately for him the Broncos were flagged and the Giants regained possession. Instead of scoring a touchdown (due in large part to Randle’s fumble), they were forced to settle for another field goal; leaving the Giants to wonder what could have been. Also, with the Giants down 10-9 with 15 seconds left in the 2nd quarter and the ball on the Broncos 28-yard line, Eli threw his first interception of the game to kill the drive, and take a possible field goal off the board; which would have put the Giants up 12-10 at halftime.

It only got worse from there, as the Denver torched the Giants secondary in the 2nd half. The Giants did not sack Peyton once, not exactly a recipe for success in this league. The Broncos made the score 17-9 on a touchdown pass to Wes Welker with 8:58 in the 3rd quarter. On the next possession, the Giants marched down the field and found themselves with a goal-to-go opportunity in the Broncos redzone. The Giants were very fortunate to convert a touchdown on this drive, after more redzone failures. If it weren’t for a couple of pass interferences and a personal foul on the Broncos, the Giants would have had to settle for another field goal. Fortunately, the Giants were able to take advantage of Denver’s mistakes, and Brandon Jacobs was able to find the endzone for his first time back in his second stint with Big Blue. That was the closest the Giants would find themselves for the rest of the game.

Then came what is considered as the ‘drive of the game’, when the Giants forced a Demaryius Thomas fumble, only to be recovered by Denver, after 3 Giants failed to secure the ball. Had the Giants been able to recover the fumble, they would have had the ball on Denver’s 30-yard line with all the moment. Instead, Peyton drove his team down the field and handed the ball of to Moreno for his second touchdown of the game. Moreno’s second touchdown run looked a lot like his first touchdown run, something the Broncos obviously scouted and put into their game plan. From that moment on, the Giants were never able to recover, and before you knew it, the Broncos had blown the game wide open.

The Giants offensive and defensive lines have been disappointing to say the least through two games this year. The Giants finished the Denver game with only 23-yards on 19 carries; something that simply won’t cut it in the NFL. In two games this season, the Giants have rushed the ball for 33 times for a total of 73-yards (yikes!). The defensive line has been equally unimpressive after failed to record a sack against Denver and being pushed around all day. The Broncos finished with 109 total rushing yards and 307 passing yards.

The Giants must dig in deep if they want to salvage their season. Luckily for them, all NFC East teams lost yesterday, and they still control their own destiny to win the division. It all starts next Sunday when they are on the road to face the Carolina Panthers, a game the Giants simply need to win.

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