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Jets Contract Stalemate With Fitzpatrick Continues

NEW YORK CITY, NY – The New York Jets looked to be making headway earlier this week, when contract talks with Ryan Fitzpatrick started to make some progress. Initially, the Jets offered Fitzpatrick a three year deal with the details mentioned below.

This was not a deal that Fitzpatrick liked, and the stalemate has stood at that point up until Wednesday.

Fitzpatrick then made a counter offer of his own, that was verified by various sports media outlets.

This looked to be very positive, because the Jets need Fitzpatrick point blank. The contract seems like a lot of money, but could work. If Fitzpatrick doesn’t live up to the hype, then he will only be under contract for just that year. Plus the Jets still have Geno Smith, Bryce Petty, and rookie Christian Hackenberg as respectable backup options . That $12 Million is still a bargain for a starting NFL quarterback.

New York is under pressure to re-sign Fitzpatrick who got them 10 wins last season, and one win from the postseason. However, the one year deal Fitzpatrick offered is not something that the Jets wanted to agree on.

Training camp will be right around the corner for NFL teams in mid-July. With a little over a month left until then, it will be very important for the Jets to get their leader re-signed. The summer is where quarterbacks get those reps in, and work out the kinks with returning and new personnel.

Though both sides have yet to find an even compromise, the fact that the two sides are working to make something happen is a good sign. The Jets need Fitzpatrick and Fitzpatrick needs the Jets. There’s no question that an agreement will be made between the two, but for how long and for how much will remain to be seen. New York faithful should expect to be kept waiting longer than they should for their bearded quarterback.

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(Featured Image Credit: Thomas J. Russo / USA TODAY Sports)

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