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Olivier Vernon Wants To Experience Playoff Football With Gmen

After signing on to a huge contract in March with the Giants, Olivier Vernon or O.V. as some call him, didn’t hesitate to get involved in the team’s offseason training. Landing a 85 million dollar contract however still has some skeptical if the 25 year old defensive end can live up to expectations. Vernon however believes in himself and his team to deliver.

“Well, for me, I have worked for everything. Coming into the league my first year, I was on special teams. I had to work to get my playing time on the field and that is what I did come my second year and I have just been working for everything that I have gotten right now, so nothing has been given to me. I had to take everything, so right now this is just another opportunity for me to just prove my talents and go out there with something to prove. I have goals that I have already set that I just have to check off right now.” stated Vernon this week at OTAs. 

Some goals are still out for the take however, including getting to the playoffs and maybe the whole thing.

“The big picture is getting to the Super Bowl, getting to the postseason — I have never been there so I would love to see how it is to play in the postseason but right now it is about getting the work in right now, day one and then further more when it comes to training camp and game one.”

Vernon, growing up in Florida and playing the first half of his career for the Dolphins, is taking a leap to the big city and so far so good said the defensive end.

“The environment out here is great; the people out here are great for the mean time and I’m just enjoying it right now.” 

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Olivier Vernon and Damon Harrison “Snacks” talk it over in OTA practices. (photo credit: Bobby O’Hara/PureSportsNY)

As for fitting in he says he everything right now seems to be going along smoothly. OTAs are a time to work on fundamentals and for a veteran like O.V., its just about getting up to speed with the playbook. He isn’t the only addition to the team.The Giants put an emphasis on the defensive line this offseason. Damon Harrison “Snacks”, comes over from the Jets and is also looking to find his niche amongst this new line.

“This could be a line that we make — we are going to make the line what we make it. Whatever we put in is what is going to come out of it, so I can’t tell you right now what we are going to be right now. That is something you are going to have to wait and see until game day, but it is what we put into it is going to be the outcome. It is what we set forth.”, said Vernon.

Vernon knows what it’s like to be a part of a strong defensive line and have it not live up to expectations after last season. Miami added Suh along with Wake, and Vernon, it didn’t play as expected. We will all have to wait and see, but one thing Vernon knows for sure is if the Giants do have a good season and make it to the playoffs, it will be a lot colder than in Miami.

 “I mean, I am not even going to lie to you, you never get used to the very hot weather down in Miami but it is better to have it hot right now and enjoy a little bit of that before that cold winter comes so I am just trying to enjoy that right now”, said Vernon. 


By: Bobby O’Hara/PureSportsNY

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