• Wed. Apr 24th, 2024

The St. John Red Storm (16-12) have lost three consecutive games, naturally causing concerns for many supporters. The Red Storm have been attempting to reinvent themselves for many years, unfortunately they’ve seemed not to be able ever to recapture the “glory days”. That said, the Big East remains to be one of the toughest and most respected conferences in all of basketball. With the tournament rapidly approaching, many are raising concerns that the Red Storm will have another disappointing outcome to their season. 

“We are so unathletic that we can’t guard anybody without fouling,” Red Storm head coach Rick Pitino states after the Seton Hall game. “For me, I’ve always enjoyed the first year, and I’m not gonna lie to you; This is the most unenjoyable experience of my lifetime. This has been so disappointing,” Pitino said. “Look: Joel [Soriano] is slow laterally, he’s not fast on the court. Chris Ledlum is slow laterally, and Sean Conway is slow laterally. Brady [Dunlap] is physically weak, Drissa [Traore] is slow laterally.”

It’s clear Pitino wasn’t happy with his team after the disappointing loss to the Seton Hall Pirates. Pitino going nuclear only further explains the pinned-up frustration with this team. Naturally, not having the talent they did prior would affect the dynamic of the team. However, many didn’t anticipate the Red Storm would be this disappointing. 

Can the Red Storm Turn it Around?

This season, the Red Storm’s best option will be to look to compete at a high level in the NIT tournament. Although the Red Storm roster is far more talented than the record, it appears they continue to struggle in close games. In the last three losses, they have all been 10 points or less, meaning they were a single possession or key moment from possibly winning that game. Currently, each win is vital in determining the outcome of seeding before the tournament. 

Upcoming this Wednesday, the Red Storm will take on the Butler Bulldogs (16-12) on the road. Despite both having the same record, this nearly seems like a must-win for the Red Storm to begin gaining momentum heading into the tournament.

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