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Are the Seton Hall Pirates Getting Hot at The Right Time?

Seton Hall Pirates

The Seton Hall Pirates (17-9) are gaining momentum with the Big East Tournament rapidly approaching. Despite their struggles all season, based on their record and their performance in the Big East tournament, they may be able to compete in the March Madness or NIT tournament. Before this momentum, some questioned if Seton Hall head coach Shaheen Holloway would possibly return in the coming years to coach the Pirates. 

Currently, the Pirates sit tied at No.3 in the conference and have begun to play great fundamental basketball. The Pirates’ are led by leading scorer Kadary Richmond (16 points) and their veteran guard and New Jersey native Al-Amir Dawes (14 points). The team is playing with much more energy and poise. In the disappointing loss to Villanova (14-11), Holloway wasn’t happy with his team’s effort and expressed his concerns. Moving forward, the Pirates played with a much different level of intensity and energy, ultimately leading to a close win over Georgetown. 

“They played desperate, they played hungry, and we played satisfied,” Holloway states. “…I saw it in practice the last two days; everybody was hurt and nobody practiced…They seemed satisfied and looking forward to the break and resting their bodies. I know I’m playing guys for a lot of minutes, right? I get it, these guys are playing a lot of minutes, but if these guys hope to play at the next level it’s going to be the same way.”

Are Expectations Too High for the Seton Hall Pirates?

Many believe this organization has a history of winning or competing at a high level, however these previous seasons have been disappointing for Pirate fans. This season, Hollaway has presented improvement, however some continue to openly express their disappointment. Currently, the Pirates are beginning to roll and find their rhythm and this has helped change the tune of non-supporters. That said, it’s possible as the tournament approaches the pirates can put themselves in a position to have exceptional seeding. 

“I’m happy with the win, sometimes it’s ugly,” Holloway said in his radio interview. “Georgetown is a good team, they got good players….I’ll take the win and now we gotta get ready for a good Butler team.”

Saturday evening, the Pirates are set to take on the Butler Bulldogs (16-10) at home.

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