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EAST RUTHERFORD – Sunday’s game against Buffalo, the Jets saw their undefeated MetLife Stadium record against the Bills snapped. The game also was their 7th straight loss in a row, since winning Week 1 against the Oakland Raiders. Plain and simple the Jets can’t win when they commit a total of 6 turnovers. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing the Buffalo Bills or a team from the CFL or AFL. When you commit that many turnovers, more often than not you will come up on the losing end. Three of those six came from the hands of Geno Smith, in the 1st quarter alone. Smith threw 3 interceptions on 3 straight drives, all of them within the Jets own 20 yard line. This prompted his benching, and Michael Vick taking over the duties.

Smith on the year has been less than stellar, and his stats are a representation of that. He has thrown an interception in all but one of the games he has started. Smith threw 10 interceptions on the year to just 7 touchdowns. The completion percentage of 56.2 is more fuel for his benching for the near future. Vick however this year, has a lower completion percentage on the year (46.4) Vick also has not thrown a touchdown yet, but has shown he has a lot left in the tank from a rushing stand point. Smith has shown he can run, but not for as many explosive plays like Vick has proven. Matt Simms got signed from the practice squad, so that he will backup Vick in their next contest against the Chiefs.

Vick finished the game with 18 completions out of 36 attempts, for 153 yards. He didn’t throw a touchdown, but did have an interception and two lost fumbles as well. However, Vick led the team in rushing yards with 69 yards on 8 carries. He kept the Jets in the game up to halftime, when the score was 24-17. Then the Bills took control of the game in the 2nd half, and the Jets offense was not productive. The Jets didn’t score all 2nd half, until a meaningless touchdown with 4:06 left in the 4th quarter when they were already down 20 points.

Kyle Orton played very well for the Bills, and is now 3-1 as their starter since taking over for the disappointing EJ Manuel. Orton finished the game with 4 touchdowns. He had 10 completions on 17 attempts for 238 yards. Sammy Watkins was his favorite target, as he hit him 3 times for 157 yards, and 1 touchdown. Watkins would have had 2 touchdowns, but got tackled from behind because he was celebrating a touchdown too early before crossing the goal line.

Credit:Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports ... Watkins working on Darren Walls last Sunday
Credit:Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports … Watkins working on Darren Walls last Sunday

Chris Ivory was a bright spot for the Jets as he had two touchdowns, and ran hard all game long. He had 13 carries for 43 yards. Chris Johnson was a non factor again, only getting 3 touches and tallying 7 yards off of that. Percy Harvin looked good in his debut with the Jets. He had 3 receptions for 22 yards, and 4 carries for 28 yards. As the season progresses, look for Harvin to be more involved and have more of an impact when he learns the offense.

The Jets have now made Michael Vick their permanent starter. This however doesn’t solve the host of problems that they have yet to solve. The secondary is still not great, and the offense has yet to find a rhythm all year. The run game has been inconsistent after the strong start to the season. There haven’t been consistent receivers to help Smith nor Vick. Jace Amaro and Eric Decker have had some spots of good play, but not enough to win games clearly. The Jets face Kansas City on Sunday in Arrowhead next.

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