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Knicks Back To Business

Westchester NY: The Knicks are back to business, as they kick off the 2018-19  season. The new faces were all on display today, at Knicks training facility. Another years of hopes and expectation from players and coaches. Kristaps Prozingis will begin the season on the injury list as he recovers from ACL surgery. No time-table has been set for his return to the court. Frank Ntilikina  gain 15 pounds of muscle, and grown 1″ in stature. Frank said he looks forward to guarding bigger guards and some small forwards. He also mention the style of play that coach Fizdale has incorporated. “He will allow me to be me, play the game that best fits my skill set give me so much confidence”

All the excitement around the 6′ 9 power forward Kevin Knox has Knicks fan salivating. Knox has is eye on rookie of the year, he’s embracing the challenge. Yeah, I think it’s definitely something that have the chance to obviously get,” Knox said. “But like I said, winning is No. 1 on my mind right now. I don’t really care about anything else. Just trying to help my teammates win, help myself get better, help my team get better, and just get better throughout the year.” Knox will definitely have his opportunities to lead this team in scoring and playing time.

Will Trey Burks be the starting point guard? After his play in the latter part of last season it’s no doubt he deserve the opportunity. Burks mention the up’s and down of last season, working his way back to the NBA from the G League. When asks what was his greatest basketball moment. He said the game in Charlotte last season stood out to him. “That when I got my confidence back as player, an I felt I belong in this league.

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