• Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

Marking his first Memorial Day as mayor, Eric Adams declared Monday that the city is staring down its own “Pearl Harbor moment” as it strives to bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Adams drew the parallel to the 1941 attack while delivering remarks onboard the USS Intrepid, which was active as a fighter vessel in World War II.

The Intrepid, which is now a museum docked at Pier 86 on Manhattan’s West Side, was a symbol of American “resiliency” after the Pearl Harbor tragedy left a cloud of “uncertainty” over the country, Adams said. “We too are that. This is a Pearl Harbor moment,” he said. Referencing COVID, Adams continued: “We lost loved ones and family members to the uncertainty if they were ever returned from a hospital. Our economy took a devastating dive. Many people lost their homes and businesses. The uncertainty hovered our entire nation, but just as then we are here now: We will survive.”

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