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November 28, 2015, Queens, NY  The Red-blooded Buckeyes beat the Blue-blooded Wolverines in one of the most intense rivalries in all of sports, 42-13.

Ohio State beat Michigan. Urban Meyer beat Jim Harbaugh.

Michigan and Ohio State first played one another back in 1897. The Wolverines pounded them 34-0 and lead the series 58-47-6. Ohio State has won the last four in a row since Meyer’s arrival.


Both coaches played for the teams they now coach. Both are 51 years old. Both are insatiably driven. Both are task masters. Both coaches are now judged based on who wins when they play each other in late November.

Meyer has the better college coaching resume. He has three national titles (2006, 2008, and 2014). He is the only coach to have 4 winning streaks of at least 20 games. He has the 3rd highest winning percentage of all-time (.849). He has a 48-4 record at Ohio State.

Harbaugh started his college coaching career at the University of San Diego where he amassed a record of 29-6 over a three-year span. He coached at Stanford University going 29-21, ending on a 12-1 note.

Meyer knows his dominance over Ohio State may be short-lived. Under Harbaugh’s leadership, Michigan has already made great strides going 9-3 and nearly beating Michigan State. They are on the come-up, and Harbaugh is probably putting plans in motion for next year’s game against Ohio State.

With both schools being in the same vicinity, the recruitment war is also hotly contested. Meyer and Harbaugh are both strong recruiters. Many top recruits will have the honor of having both coaches sitting in their living rooms outlining the benefits of playing for their respective schools. Meyer’s pitch will leverage his track record as a college coach while Harbaugh will stress his pro coaching experience.

This is Bo Schembechler (Michigan) vs. Woody Hayes (Ohio State) Part Deux. It’s great for the region, great for college football, and great for college sports. Meyer vs. Harbaugh. Round One goes to Meyer. Can’t wait for Round Two.

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By Vernon McKenzie

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