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Playoff’s Wow!!

New York: The Knicks have officially made the 2021 NBA playoff’s after the Boston Celtics loss last night to the Cleveland Cavaliers . With three games remaining the Knicks can finish no less than 6th place in the Eastern Conference. My congratulations to the Organization and all those involve in this accomplishment.

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To all those who have been waiting for this day, I tip my hat. As a reporter who covered the team from 09 until present it was a long haul. All the loosing can really take a told on your mindset. Should I give up on covering the team? How can I motivate our writers to continue to believe in the organization? Thousands of hours spent reporting, covering and supporting the New York Knicks. It appeared I would never see a winning team on the court at Madison Square Garden. Now I can say there is hope for all the fans the suffered along with myself.

Shoutout to the new head coach Tom (Tibbs) Thibodeau and the coaching staff for the amazing turn around we applaud you.. The city now has hope an a belief in the Knicks. Go NY, Go NY Go!!!

Vernon McKenzie: PureSportsNY

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