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December 12, 2015, Queens, NY  The Milwaukee Bucks put an end to the Golden State Warriors winning streak at 24 for this season and 28 overall beating them 108-95. From the outset, the Warriors were fighting an uphill battle, making runs from time to time but trailing for most of the game. The scheduling gods gave the Warriors a reprieve after last Tuesday’s hard fought victory over the Indiana Pacers by giving them two days off. However, what the gods giveth, the gods taketh away. They had games six and seven of a seven-game road trip back-to-back. Last night, they won a brutal double O.T. game against an inspired Boston Celtics team, and they didn’t get to Milwaukee until after 3 a.m.

Throw in a hobbled Klay Thompson and a poor coaching performance by Luke Walton, and you get a streak stopped. Milwaukee is no stranger to stopping streaks. The longest streak in N.B.A. history belongs to the 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers who won 33 in a row. In 1972, the Buck stopped with Milwaukee.

There was plenty of foolish talk to go around since the streak began this season. In a watered-down league, these kinds of streaks are possible. Curry is a great player, but he’s not the best player in the league, not  by a long shot. He’s the most exciting, but he’s far from the best player. He is very limited defensively and not all that strong on the boards even though he pulled down 7 rebounds tonight.

Stephen Curry led his team scoring 28 points, and Draymond Green added 24 points to go with 11 rebounds. A game Klay Thompson scored 12 points but shot 4/14 from the field. The Bucks were led by Greg Monroe and Jabari Parker who scored 28 and 19 points respectively.

The Warriors return home for an extended stay. Their first game is against Phoenix on Wednesday (Dec. 16), and their next four games after the Suns are at home.

The Warriors must be credited for their unprecedented streak to begin the season; however, the night belonged to Milwaukee–and the Buck clearly stopped there.

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By Vernon McKenzie

Graduate of New Institute Of Technology with a BA in Communications with a focus on Television Radio. Owner and Executive Producer of PureSportsNY

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