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This Year’s Nets Could Be Last Year’s Knicks

NEW YORK — At press time, the Brooklyn Nets are an underwhelming 1-9 and it’s not looking any better.  For the rest of the month of November, they have two home games. One against the Southeast Division leading Atlanta Hawks and the other against the Boston Celtics in a home and home get together.  This year’s Nets team is on pace to eclipse the 17-65 mark set by their crosstown rival, New York Knicks.  But, unlike the Knicks, the Nets don’t own a first round pick in the 2016 NBA Draft

The road with be an issue. Although they are regrettably winless at home, their lone win was an away win shocker against the Houston Rockets.  Their road travels to the aforementioned Boston, Cleveland, Oklahoma City and Charlotte features teams with either an even or positive record in wins at home.

One area of concern is it’s not as if the Nets are playing with a depleted roster.  They have the full allotment of players.  Center Brook Lopez is putting up points as is his usual, averaging 19.2 points per game. He’s also averaging 8.5 rebounds.

Lopez unlike most centers in the NBA can score and score big in the low-post and shoot.  But, is he a game changer? Does he play good enough defense to make a difference?  The real question however for the Nets and their fan base will be can he attract quality players and or other stars to come play with him in Brooklyn?

Joe Johnson used to be a quiet assassin, but these days he’s just quiet.  The good thing for Nets is that his massive 23 million contract comes off the books after this season.


Coach Lionel Hollins


If one would take a page out of the Carmelo Anthony file, there wouldn’t be much in the way of optimism.  And Carmelo plays for a much heralded team and in a much better arena.

The 3 first round draft picks that GM Billy King gave away to the Boston Celtics for, Kevin Garnett, (who is back in Minnesota), Paul Pierce, (who is back in Los Angeles with the Clippers) and Jason Terry, (who is now in Houston).  There is nothing to show for the three aging veterans that helped guide the Nets to the 2013 Playoffs.

Cashing in your chips for the chance at the brass ring is a dicey deal.  The Cavaliers did that with center Timofey Mozgov surrendering 2 first round picks to the Denver Nuggets for him.  But, Mozgov, although will be a free-agent next season, he is an emerging 29 year old.  Mozgov being in his late 20s is a lot different than being in the mid to late 30s.  Jason Kidd leaving after a very short stint as head coach didn’t help matters much either as it left an indelible mark on the franchise.

Had the Boys from across the river done such a dubious thing, and they haven’t been angels in this regard either, more heads would be rolling. But, King seems to have been given a few hall passes for such transgressions. Will the Nets as an organization ever be able to recover?


Jerald L. Hoover


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