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July 11th 2016

Queens NY

Tim Duncan Retires


Where do I begin? To try to put into words what Tim Duncan’s career has been over the last 19 years is almost impossible. There are so many memories, so many moments that can be highlighted, defining an illustrious career. Tim Duncan, power forward for the San Antonio Spurs was one of the greatest players the league has ever seen and was the best to play his position. He is the greatest power forward ever. However it’s not just his play on the court that defines his great career.


His professionalism and loyalty is legendary. Duncan was drafted in 1997 out of Wake Forrest and quickly became the face of the San Antonio Spurs. He joined a roster headed by another legend (David Robinson), a legendary coach, Greg Popovich and  it was under their  wings that Tim learned how to be a leader and a professional. The San Antonio Spurs would go on to win 5 championships with Duncan as the anchor for the ship. Parts came and went but the San Antonio culture remained and Duncan was the one player that was always constant.


He was never the boisterous type, a quiet leader that led by example. He practiced hard and played hard, leaving everything on the court every night for 19 years. Never in any off court shenanigans and yet he was a playful teammate who often participated in practical jokes (ask Tony Parker and Sean Elliot). He was the best and the worst at the same time, according to Sacramento King forward Rudy Gay who posted a picture on Instagram of Tim Duncan’s simple attire. In a basketball world seemingly taken over by fashion Tim remained Tim, baggy slacks, button down and some sneakers. Tim avoided the limelight, the clubs and other things that seemed to get some of his peers in trouble off the court. He wasn’t big on jewelry, unless we are counting those 5 championship rings.


The accolades and awards are abundant, 5 time champion, 3 time Finals MVP, 2 time regular season MVP, 15 all star appearances and many other awards. At his position he faced many other greats and in his conference he battled elite teams nightly. His many battles against the mighty Lakers with Kobe Bryant and Shaq, the Blazers with Rasheed Wallace, his old nemesis Kevin Garnett and the Timberwolves, the Jazz with Karl Malone, so many great battles of yesterday and most recently his triumph against the stacked Miami Heat with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. His storied career seems almost unreal.

tima and kawhi
Tim Duncan and Kawhi Leonard Photo:Edward A Ornelas San Antonio Express News

Tim Duncan showed players of his generation and the players that followed how to be a professional basketball player. He sacrificed for his team, taking pay cuts to allow the Spurs to retain their core with Ginobli and Parker while adding younger talent that fit their style of play and their organization’s philosophy. He allowed other players to take control of the offense in his latter years. He took a step back and let guys like Kawhi Leonard and LaMarcus Aldridge take the helm as he bowed out. The San Antonio Spurs will be in good hands which is just the way Tim Duncan would want them to be.

Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan, and Tony Parker of the San antonio Spurs in San antonio, Texas on Sunday, June 2, 2013. © 2013 Robert Seale
The big 3.. Photo: Robert Seale

When I heard of the news this morning I remembered an old hip-hop song on a DJ Clue mix tape by Capone N Noreaga and the line that made me think about the man that announced his retirement. “ I’m like Tim Duncan close to unstoppable,” however there is one thing that did stop him and that is father time. Tim Duncan will be missed, by the fans, his team and the NBA. We wish him the best of luck in life after professional basketball.


A Legend retired today. Thank You for all the memories Tim Duncan.

Thank You for reading.

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