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Trading Deadline

NY Rangers: The NHL trade deadline is fast approaching. This Monday is the last day for teams to make their moves. Teams will have the opportunity to improve their rosters for the playoff run or to get rid of unwanted contracts, and to plan for the future. The New York Rangers have been at the top of the rumor mill for weeks. The Rangers have the number one team in the Eastern Conference and are the second best team in the entire league, with 81 points.
Even though the Rangers are one of the top teams in the league, they are still looking to improve their roster. Their struggle with the power play has led them to look for a goal scorer. One player the Rangers have focused on is 27-year-old Rick Nash. He currently plays for the Columbus Blue Jackets and is one of their top goal scorers. Nash would definitely help solve the Rangers scoring problems, but he comes at a steep price.
The Blue Jackets are demanding a lot in return. They have asked for a package involving a combination of Brandon Dubinsky, Michael Del Zotto, Ryan McDonagh, and their best prospect Chris Kreider. Although the Rangers would like to get Nash, they may be giving up too much. Some fans have said that this may interfere with the team’s chemistry. If you have seen the HBO special 24/7 Flyers/Rangers, you can tell how good the chemistry is within the Rangers. They have become a family, and to trade multiple players for Nash could possibly affect the team morale.
The Rangers have important decisions to consider, but even if they do not make any moves, the team will head into the playoffs with a good chance to win the Stanley Cup.
-Anthony Rivera
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