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NY Jets: In week fifteen of the NFL season the Jet’s were in control of there own destiny. Win the three remaining left in the season an you are in the playoff as the wildcare. Things were looking good until they headed down the NJ Turnpike to face the Philadephia Eagals and the unherled Michael Vick. The Eagals with nothing to lose came out like gang busters. Clicking on all cillinors totaly out playing the Jet’s. Making it look easy as the Jet’s just seemed lost, looking more like pretender than a contender. Embrassing to say the least, as the Eagels dominated the game from begining to end winning 45- 19. Then the Jet’s faced in state raval NY Giants. The Jets failed miserably in their attempt to backup their tough-talking head coach, losing the physical battles and the turf war  29-14 margin. With only one game left in the season againts divisonal rival Miami Dolphins, there was still hope of makin the Playoff as a Wildcard. I think the Jet’s players didn’t get the memo, offensively the Jet’s were out of sink all day. Marc Sanchez had three interception the day. With the Jet’s driving early in the thrid quater Sanchez was intercepted by Marvin Mitchell inside th 10 yard line stalling the Jet’s drive. Jet’s captian Santono Holmes was left the game with 3:30 left in the fourth quater. It appears he got into an aurgument with on of the offensive players durning the huddle. Holmes fustrated after not catching a pass all day. This will be a long off season for the Jet’s, upgrading the offensive line should be the main focus. All season long Sanchez was running for his life, not having time to survey the field to make the proper reads. I’m sure Rex and ownership will make the right decision.

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