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NY Jets: The Seattle Seahawks and New York Jets pulled off a blockbuster deal on July 25, 2020 that will send All-Pro safety Jamal Adams to the Pacific Northwest. Seattle gets the physical presence in the secondary that its missed since the departure of Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas. The Jets get a haul of picks to rebuild their roster, acquiring a 2021 first round pick, a 2021 third round pick and a 2022 first round pick in exchange for Adams and a 2022 fourth-round selection.

Will the Jets GM Joe Douglass regret trading Jamal Adams after only three season with the organization? Adams was drafted by the Jets in the first round of the 2017 NFL draft. It appears Adams was unhappy with head coach Adam Gates. Adams said publicly the Gates was not a good leader.

Vernon McKenzie: PureSportsNY

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