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Giants Draft: Best in Years?

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One thing that was consistent in the Giants Draft Process was their effort to stay away from injured or character blemished talent. The Giants organization has always been a very clean franchise and they always strive for a locker room of standup characters off the field. They also are known lately for their unfortunate loss of players due to injury during the last two seasons. Maybe the JPP fireworks incident and the injury riddled roster carried over in the Giants war room this past weekend.

First Round Freakout?

A big factor that went into my grading of this year’s Giants draft was the first round. It was pretty clear that the Giants wanted Leonard Floyd with the 10th overall pick, however the Bears traded up to take him. I thought the selection of Eli Apple was too early for 10 and would have liked to see them possibly even trade down at that point if Hargreaves wasn’t their type of corner and go LB with this one. Hargreaves was the only CB I would say was worth going top 10. CB depth for this draft was one of the best in a while, so I just didn’t see them getting the best value out of that pick. They could’ve taken a corner in the second round, traded back in the first even and taken a LB. I like Apple, but you have two starting corners already. Lastly I question his fit a bit considering the Gmen don’t play a lot of press coverage, the area in which he excels.

Round 2 Steal?

One pick I love is the Shepard pick. This kid is one of the nation’s best route runners and his character is never in question. Talk about a NY Giants pick, Shepard is exactly what they want in their players. He is healthy and was literally raised into football. His route running ability should help him find his way into the Giant’s starting lineup quickly.

Late Round Shopping

New York did a nice job shopping for bargains during the last day of the Draft. But they possibly found a three down back as well. With the selection of Paul Perkins the Giants added another RB to their already stacked backfield and it’s safe to say he will bring the competition.

“He has great vision, he has got one-cut quickness,” Ross said, “excellent hands, competitive in the blocking game, and outstanding off the field.”

If the tape translates to the NFL he should be starting worthy, but time will tell.

Final Grade


I would’ve liked to see them address the Offensive Line somewhere in this draft and I think they could’ve taken a more surefire star in the first round. All in all it was a solid draft for the Giants in the forgotten rounds of the draft. Might have been one of the more promising drafts in a few years for the Gmen. There’s definitely some NFL starters among this group.


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