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J.R. Smith Wins 6th Man of the Year

NY Knicks: Well the results are in and J.R. Smith gets the 6th man award.  Since March 5, Smith has averaged 23 points per game on 47 percent shooting.  Smith has been playing off the charts since the beginning of the season and he took it up a notch once players starting  finding themselves injured.

  Smith hit some amazing game winners that usually got the number one slot in ESPN’s top 10 plays.  Furthermore, he accepted his role coming off the bench, and gave that burst of energy that that any team would wish for from a 6th man. 

Earlier in the season, it was almost certain that Jamal Crawford would win the 6th man award.  Crawford handles the ball like a yo-yo, and he mesmerized us game after game often finishing his highlight with a pull up swish, or a lob to one of the Clippers high flyers. 

 At the same time, J.R. Smith was still getting his numbers and staying in the race.  In my opinion, it’s safe to say that Nate Robinson was the sleeper and is probably ahead of Crawford for the 2nd place slot in the 6th man race(Jarett Jack got 2nd place though).

Well enough of the regular season.  Playoffs anyone?

Ben Anokute: PuresportsNY

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