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If the New York Knick, Miami Heat rivalry is considered ‘dead’, the Knicks selection of Tim Hardaway Jr. might have beefed it back up. On the clock with the 24th overall pick, the Knicks selected the son of one of their most hated rivals in franchise history. Hopefully, if Haradway Jr. is anywhere near as good as his father, the Knicks might have snagged the ‘steal of the draft’.

Hardaway Jr. is a 6’6″ wing-man with excellent shooting abilities. He was also a crucial component in Michigan reaching its first Final Four since the ‘Fab 5’. With so many un-predicted ¬†players going early in the draft, Knick fans had to wonder if someone would fall into their lap; and that is just what happened.

The only real knock on Hardaway Jr. is his shot selection (but it can’t be worse than J.R. Smith’s). He also does not have the same ball handling skills, ‘aka’ the ‘killer crossover’ as his father did, but that is because he his 6’6″ and his father was listed at 6 feet.

It sure will be interesting to see how Tim Hardaway will be greeted by the Knick faithful. After so many years of being in the middle of a heated rivalry, he has now joined the other side, and not by choice. By the way the Knick fans cheered after hearing Hardaway Jr. being selected, it does not seem like it should be a problem.

Overall, I would grade this as a A+ draft for the Knicks. Having the 24th pick in the draft, it is rare to find talented players such as Hardaway Jr. He also can be used for insurance in case J.R. Smith decides to go somewhere else for more money.

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By Vernon McKenzie

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