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Soon after beating Toronto in game 7 on Sunday the Brooklyn Nets boarded a plane to South Beach to face of with the Miami Heat. After watching the first quarter of the game you almost felt like you were watching yet a another great game between the two teams, but the second half was a different story. The Nets had a rough time making baskets and their defense at times looked non-existent. One positive going into tonight’s game is that the Nets starters never came back into the game in the fourth quarter so they should be well rested. Brooklyn will put the game aside and try to make some adjustments for the next game.

Heat head coach Eric Spoelstra has been down this road many times and knows Brooklyn hasn’t played their best game yet and expects them to do their best to bounce back in game 2.

“They’re a veteran-enough group, Brooklyn, to know that the final score doesn’t mean anything in the playoffs,” Spoelstra said. “It’s a long series. Throw that one away, you still have another opportunity to do what you came for. We had very good urgency and focus coming into that same game. We cannot have a letdown.”

Lebron knows what to expect as well, “We understand what type of aggression they’re going to come with.”

The Heat seem to know what to expect from Brooklyn tonight, but Nets fans can only hope that their team gives more than the Heat expect or they’ll find themselves in a 0-2 hole. A hole that might be to hard to climb out of against a team like Miami. And for the Nets that starts with defense.

“Defensively, that’s not us, man. We can’t let the other guys around LeBron and Wade have 15, 17 points. To beat this team, you can’t allow that.” said Joe Johnson

The Nets kept LeBron and Wade in check, but seemed to dismiss the other 3 players on the court. They, on the other hand were the opposite.Brooklyn had decent play out of their two backcourt leaders, Johnson and Williams, but needed points out of the other 3 guys on the court.

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