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Giants Veteran Adoree Jackson Impact

New York Giants

The New York Giants defense remains to be the identity and strong suit of this young team. In fact, Monday evening during training camp, the defense caused numerous turnovers against the starting offense. Specifically, an interception that was taken back to the opposite endzone resulted in a “pick-six”. While training camp has just begun for the Giants, this is no cause for deep concern as many teams around the league are attempting to continue to build chemistry on both sides of the ball. 

That said, this talented Giants roster is extremely young and has to gain more reps and experience at a rapid paste. However, one of their veteran defensive players has found ways to impact the team on and off the field. Giants linebacker coach John Egorugwu alludes to how much he appreciates Jackson’s energy on and off the field and how that affects his teammates and coaches in the organization. 

“Adoree’ is a guy that’s smart, I obviously don’t work with him every day but he’s one of my favorite guys on the team,” Egorugwu explained. “ He’s a guy that lends a lot of good stuff to those younger guys whether that’s in the defensive back room or in the linebacker room. He pops into our meetings sometimes to just hang out which is something I love about him. 

Jackson’s presence is vital for this inexperienced defense and his versatility only allows him to make a direct impact in the secondary. His presence is not only felt but needed to help this young team elevate and create the chemistry to make them successful moving forward. Especially, with the drama surrounding the Giants and their star running back Saquon Barkley. Naturally, with this much confusion and uncertainty, the positive and loving energy Jackson provides may be 

Updates on Saquon Barkley not Appearing to Training Camp/OTAs

Unfortunately, this Barkley situation has remained the talk of OTAs and training camp. Not many coaches or players attempted to comment on it other than wishing him well and all agreeing they want him in the facility. However, Giants assistant coach Brandon Brown gave a lengthy explanation of Barkley’s impact and thoughts on the situation. He explained that the front office cannot dictate the market, in fact they try to predict and make choices around specifically around that. 

“The precedent sets the market, that’s something we don’t control,” Brown stated. “However, we try to forecast and react, so that’s what we’ve done but the market is the market.”

“I think it’s one of those things where you look at the foundation of the relationship and the foundation of our relationship is one of trust and honesty,” Brown continued. “It’s no different than being a family, and families disagree at some point. No matter what, at the crux of the relationship you know there’s love there. … At the end of the day, he knows how we feel about him.”

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