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Who to Watch Out for from the New York Giants in 2023?

ByJohn Armwood

Jun 3, 2023
New York Giants

Last season, it’s no secret that the New York Giants overachieved and shocked many around the league. Now, that the foundation has been built by Giants head coach Brian Daboll, many are expecting improvement heading into next season. That said, several players have stood out thus far during OTAs on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. Most importantly, Giants rookies are seeming to make a splash and a good impression on the team and fans. Although OTAs are non-contact, the Giants have found ways to make the practices competitive and high-intensity. 

“We teach our concepts, blocking schemes, how to take on blocks, run fits, protection things,” Daboll said earlier this week about the approach to non-contact OTAs. “Tempo it down a little bit and make sure we get it right so when we get into training camp when we’re going full speed with pads on, we’ve got something to draw from.”

New York Giants Offensive Standouts in OTAs 

This offseason, the Giants acquired wide receiver Parris Campbell from the Indianapolis Colts.  During his tenure with the Colts, Campbell proved to be an exceptional deep threat and effective slot receiver. However, he continued to struggle with numerous injuries and rarely was on the field for the Colts. For the Giants, hopefully, Campbell doesn’t suffer the same fate because when healthy he’s proving to be very effective in the passing game. 

During OTAs, Campbell has made several acrobatic catches and has had key catches in certain live periods. It’s clear that he’s beginning to build chemistry with Giants starting quarterback Daniel Jones. Campbell’s size and athleticism allow him advantages over smaller defenders that may make him favorable in matchups during the season.

“I think definitely walking away from last season, explosives were the thing we needed more of,” Slayton said. “I think definitely this spring it’s been a conscious effort to push the ball down the field. We have all these guys, like having a bunch of Ferraris, keep them in the garage; take them out to the track. I think that’s kind of been the mindset and maybe why you see a little more of the ball going down the field.”

New York Giants Defensive Standouts in OTAs 

In the 2023 NFL draft, the Giants drafted Deonte Banks a defensive back out of Maryland. That said, Banks being drafted No.24 overall means the Giants were high on his potential. During practices, he’s proven to be a fast learner and continues to find himself near the ball making plays. In fact, he secured his first interception in the latest Friday practice on June 2nd.

Bank’s impact has not only helped gain fans’ attention but also veteran teammates around him. They continue to speak highly of his efforts and believe he can be an asset on the field going forward.  

“He’s been acceptable to the culture, what we’re trying to build here,” veteran cornerback Adoree’ Jackson said. “And I can’t do anything but really appreciate him and welcome him in the same as us; it takes a lot to gain so much trust and vice versa. He came up with open arms as we did. He’s been a good guy, giving us laughs, singing and stuff, which is pretty cool to see him not shy away or be shy at all and trying to be one of us.”

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