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New York Mets’ Best Move, Acquiring Eric Young Jr.

He’s only been around for five games, but Eric Young Jr. has been a big lift for the New York Mets.  This has been the biggest move for the organization as Young Jr. has provided a spark in the lineup.

Young Jr. started the season with the Colorado Rockies. He was not producing much while out west and was designated for assignment. Maybe it was the air or the New York heat that turned his season around, but Young Jr. has truly provided a spark on offense.

The Mets are 4-3 when Young Jr. starts. However, the Mets are not focusing on wins, rather,  they want to see efficiency. After going 1-8 in his first two games, Young Jr. is 11-21 with six RBI with a .524 batting average and .565 on-base percentage. The Mets have had trouble getting consistency on offense from their outfielders and Young Jr. has provided just that for New York. He is not a power hitter, which is perfectly fine, especially when dealing with Citi Field’s dimension. Young Jr. will never be tempted to hit home runs and instead, can show off his speed.

This experience can help both parties beyond 2013. The Mets are not competing in the N.L. East. So they are currently trying to build their team for the future. They will have enough room in their payroll to make big moves in 2014. If Young Jr. can prove he can provide a bat off the bench and a decent glove in the outfield, he can find work in the following season. Young Jr. is under team control until 2017. He could be an excellent role player for multiple teams in baseball.

For the Mets, the move is big for this year because they can provide David Wright with base runners as long as Young Jr. can continue getting on base.

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