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Nets Win in Double Overtime

The Nets have won 9 of their last 10 games, and with a double overtime win defeating the Hornets, it might be time to give Brooklyn some respect as they look to seal a playoff spot.

The Brooklyn Nets hosted the Charlotte Hornets Wednesday night in the Barclays Center, where they looked to win back-to-back games after a win over the Phoenix Suns. Both teams played well on both ends of the floor; Joe Harris and Spencer Dinwiddie controlled the tempo of the game as they closed the first half with a 5-point lead (56-51) over the Hornets. Kemba Walker would look to rally his team as they closed the gap and went on a run late in the 3rd quarter regaining the lead.

As the 4th quarter was underway the Nets would look to close this game with a win; down 8, Brooklyn would make timely shots, and Dinwiddie would continue to push the offense, as they led 94-92 in the final minutes of regulation. Kemba Walker would score Charlotte’s next 12 points, and as he drains 2 treys, the Hornets would take a 104-96 lead with less than 4 minutes on the clock. But tonight Spencer Dinwiddie would take over; leading Brooklyn to an 8-0 run to give the Nets a fighting chance. A split foul shot from DeMarre Carroll sends the game into OT, tied at 114. With D’Angelo Russell on the bench late in regulation and in OT, Harris and Dinwiddie set their eyes on a win for Brooklyn. With a 2nd OT underway, Harris would seal the deal with a steal that the Hornets would be unable to come back from, and with 3.4 left on the clock, Joe Harris makes the winning layup lifting the Nets over the Hornets in a double overtime thriller, 134-132.

  • Russell on the bench??- D’Lo has found himself on the bench and out of the lineup in key moments down the stretch of most of these important wins. While Russell has been having a pretty solid season, numbers wise, he hasn’t found himself consistent down the stretch. He finished with 16 points against the Hornets. When asked, Coach Atkinson said that Russell has closed out many games for Brooklyn and he’s a “good soldier” while on the bench.
  • Dinwiddie on FIRE!!- Once again Spencer had a spectacular game; he finished with 37 points and dished 11 assists. Off the bench you couldn’t look for a better performance.
  • Harris Harris Harris!!- Joe Harris made 11 of 14 field goals, 5 of 8 from downtown, scored 27 points on 78.6% shooting; it’s safe to say, he is one of Brooklyn’s most important piece, and with the winning layup, “his greatest attribute right now is the ability to drive the ball” Said Coach Kenny.

    Brooklyn looks to win their next meet up with the Hornets, as they play them once more on Friday evening.

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