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September 27, 2015, Queens, NY  Back in the day, when something was relatively easy, we’d say, “No Sweat.” Translation: No Problem, No Pressure, This is Easy, Light Action, etc. For the Mets, winning their division was “No Sweat.” Last time the Metropolitans won their division, George W. was president.  That was 2006.

The Mets have won 88 games, and with 7 games left in their season, they should get to at least 90 wins. The Washington Nationals are a whopping 8.5 games behind and really became the second fiddle in arguably baseball’s weakest division.  As of this writing, the Nationals are 79-75, but look who’s bringing up the rear. Miami is 68-87; Atlanta is 62-93; and Philadelphia is 58-97.  There is a strong possibility for three teams to lose at least 90 games. Conversely, the National Central Division will probably have three teams with at least 90 wins (the Cubs are at 89 wins, and the Pirates and Cardinals already have 90+ wins).

There is reason for optimism regarding the Mets because their strength resides in their pitching. If they can resign Yoenis Cespedes who will be looking for at least $20 million for at least five years, and David Wright can approximate his old self, the Mets will likely be a contender going into the next decade. Terry Collins is a strong candidate for Manager of the Year.

Now it’s about the post season. There are no soft touches in either league. The Dodgers could clinch tonight joining the Mets, Pirates, Cardinals, and Cubs in what will be a highly competitive scrap for National League supremacy. Definitely not, No Sweat.

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By Vernon McKenzie

Graduate of New Institute Of Technology with a BA in Communications with a focus on Television Radio. Owner and Executive Producer of PureSportsNY

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