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In a recent article written by Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, Tom Brady may have given a subtle hint that although he respects Eli, he doesn’t necessarily like him. Brady is considered to be ‘the best’ or at least ‘one of the best’ quarterbacks to ever play the game. Brady is also well aware of how adding another Super Bowl trophy to his collection will add to his already Hall of Fame legacy.

‘The Golden Boy’, Tom Brady won an astounding 3 Super Bowls in his first 4 years since taking over for Drew Bledsoe. Brady told King, “We’ve had our chances. Twice. More than twice, actually… I still have plenty of chances to do it. What I’ve learned is it’€™s really, really hard to win the Super Bowl. I didn’t get that perspective early, winning three out of the first four years I played.” It is hard to believe that it has been a decade since Brady won his last Super Bowl.

In today’s era of the NFL, it is amazing to see the Patriots contend year in and year out. Brady told King during his interview, “What I like about this franchise is we’ve got a shot every year. I love the fact we were in the AFC title game last year, the Super Bowl the year before that, and 14-2 the year before that.” If not for Eli Manning and the New York Giants, perhaps Brady already would have 5 rings, and would be considered the best quarterback of all time; with no questions asked. Of course this is just pure speculation, but it must be hard for Brady to be happy for Eli, especially when Eli’s rings came at the expense of Brady and his New England Patriots. In 2007, on the verge of an unprecedented 19-0 season, Eli pulled off one of the greatest plays in Super Bowl history, escaping a sack and delivering the ball to Dave Tyree’s helmet. Had that play never happened, the Patriots go undefeated, Brady claims his forth Super Bowl title, and the 2007 Patriots would go down as the greatest team in NFL history.

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With all the success that Brady has had against Peyton Manning, it is quite the opposite when it comes to Eli. Brady would have another chance to redeem that devastating 2007 Super Bowl defeat, only to lose to the Eli and the Giants four years later in Super Bowl XLVI. Who knows if the outcomes would have been different had the Green Bay Packers advanced in 2007 and the San Francisco 49ers in 2011. What we do know for sure is that Eli has beaten Brady twice on the biggest stage, and that cannot sit well with Brady. A simple ‘google’ search ‘does Tom Brady hate Eli Manning’ gives a unique perspective on where these 2 great quarterbacks stand.

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